Meet The IP Team

Infinite Prosperity has been growing at a rapid rate, with Lewis and Amy bringing into the team some of their most gifted students to help mentor the IP community from around the world.

This energetic and passionate team of mentors will have you smashing your goals in no time.

Lewis Mocker

Co-founder of Infinite Prosperity and lifestyle coach.

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United States

Amy Sangster

Co-founder of Infinite Prosperity and lifestyle coach.

Amy worked at a well known Australian bank, but felt discouraged by the lack of time she had left to do the things she wanted in life.

Any now runs IP, hangs out with her dogs, ride horses, and of course, trades each day for a living.
United Kingdom

Tom Russell

One of Infinite Prosperity's most gifted students making over 10000 pips from the EURUSD fall in 2015. 
He is the co-founder and producer of Active Trader, where he updates the AT community about what trades he's looking at in the short and long term.

Active Trader currently has 5 seasons of video content ranging from teachings in technical analysis to fundamental awareness.
United States

Paul Andre

Co-founder of Active Trader and another one of Infinite Prosperity's students who has done a damn fine job of living life on his terms, completely free of the 9-5!

Paul's style is looking at longer term trends and long term positions, which usually bank him massive profits.


Irek Piekarski

Irek is Infinite Prosperity's day trading boss, focusing on more frequent short term positions.

Irek also does 2 x 3 hour live trading webinar's a week, where students can log in, and go through the market with Irek, ask questions about trading and the market, and of course, trade live!


Scott Vale

Scott has been there from the beginning, and is the trading mentor for students with a Gold membership.

Can't recall how many times Scott kept me focussed and on track - but it's a lot!

Thanks Scott!

Thailand ATM

Benny Lane

Benny became a student of Infinite Prosperity and then broke the IP record for the fastest person to quite their job.

With incredible trading results he was quickly snapped up as the Platinum Membership mentor.

He now lives wherever he wants, which is currently Thailand, until he gets sick of it.

Robyn Bretherton

Robyn is Infinite Prosperity's admin manager, so if there's ever a problem with your membership she sorts it out.

Robyn just released her first book and also has her own YouTube channel designed for inspiring people through their day-to-day.

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